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Jewelry Repair

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If your favorite piece of jewelry was broken or is in need of repair, Diamonds & More can work with you to make the necessary repairs and return the item as best as possible to its original condition. We work as quickly and delicately as possible to repair your jewelry. Our trained staff will consult with you and estimates for repair are always free, though we do need to evaluate the piece in person before offering an estimate. We will even inspect and clean your rings at no charge in our ultrasonic and steam cleaners while you wait.

We offer a variety of repair services that include but is not limited to:

  • Tip and prong repair
  • Solder engagement and wedding rings together
  • Sizing rings
  • Stone setting
  • Buffing and polishing rings
  • Reshanking rings
  • Repairing breaks in rings and chains
  • Rhodium plating rings

We’re always willing to try and repair your jewelry!